Monstrous: Inhumanly or outrageously wrong…
Birth: The emergence of a baby or other young from the
body of its mother; the start of life as a physically separate being…

Monstrous Birth B1


Grasping each other in various ways
As to affect the innermost nerves
Bare bodies as the only weapons


Blueprints is a Vertigo Starts Residency (2018-2019) in collaboration with AMORE: A distributional MOdel of Reference to Entities, a computational linguistics lab using deep learning at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. 

At the forefront of the AI revolution is deep learning, which uses algorithms inspired by the structure and function of human brain, called artificial neural networks. The AMORE team is developing one such computational system that can learn its own representations from data in order to explore the phenomenon of reference in language. In the process of this self-learning, however, can a world view be discerned? Can personality emerge from actions in machines, just as it does in humans?  Blueprints as a project responds by looking to the ways to conceive personality as an inevitable by-product of the linguistic learning process through building an archive of an 140 page sketchbook, preparatory mixed-media works and six large mixed media works on paper (80x100cm).

For more about the project, please see our residency report (pdf: VERTIGO-Blueprints-RESIDENCY-public_report) or our posts in the Vertigo Residencies’ blog: (1) ‘Phase 1‘, (2) ‘‘The Next Phase Begins

‘Blueprints no. 5’, which interrogates a potential dissociative state and motherless-ness: AMORE was self-learning from CHILDES transcripts of mothers talking to their infants (content including: ‘is your shoe tasty? Mommy doesn’t chew on hers’ and ‘here’s your dollie’) and yet is not given any substantive connection to the meaning contained in the referents (e.g. ‘hers’ and ‘yours) or physical experience (e.g. ‘tasty’): connotations, both conceptual and visual, of confusion between noise and meaning become paramount. Piece details: (2019), mixed media drawing (graphite, ink, crayon and acrylic on paper), 80cm x 100cm.


The end of residency report for Blueprints: VERTIGO-ResidencyR eport
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